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Hunger Strike at Adelanto Detention Facility, California

March 14, 2019: Approximately 150 immigrant detainees participated in a coordinated food strike at one of the largest privately run immigrant detention facilities in the county, owned and operated by Geo Group. The detainees refused to go to the cafeteria for a regularly-scheduled meal and then a smaller number began a hunger strike.

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Disturbance at Palm Beach Youth Academy, Florida

September 21, 2018: At least six juvenile detainees reportedly grabbed staff who were trying to take another boy back to his cell. During the melee, the boys flipped tables and threw chairs, threatened staff and destroyed property. Specific details remain unclear. Following the event, at least six detainees are charged with battery.

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Uprising at Arizona State Prison at Kingman, Arizona

July 1 – July 4, 2015: Prisoners at the Arizona State Prison in Kingman, a private prison run by the Management & Training Corporation (MTC), riot for three days following an attack on guards. Following the riots, the governor of Arizona announces that the state would be ending its contract with the Management and Training Corporation.

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Uprising at Willacy County Correctional Center, Texas

February 20, 2015: Nearly 2,000 inmates participated in an uprising at a private prison run by Management and Training Corporation. The facility, which lies approximately 40 miles from the US-Mexico border was used primarily to house immigrants due for deportation.

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Uprising at Cibola County Correctional Center, New Mexico

August 20, 2014: After a pattern of reported medical neglect and not providing an on-staff medical doctor, a disturbance occurred in a housing unit which then led to assaults on two correctional officers – a lieutenant and a sergeant. For approximately 45 minutes, prisoners attempted to destroy everything in the housing unit, causing $75,000 worth of damage.

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