Disturbance at Palm Beach Youth Academy, Florida

Disturbance at Palm Beach Youth Academy, Florida

Palm Beach Youth Academy, West Palm Beach, Florida
September 21, 2018

At least six juvenile detainees reportedly grabbed staff who were trying to take another boy back to his cell, leading to a disturbance. During the melee, the boys flipped tables and threw chairs, threatened staff and destroyed property. Specific details remain unclear.

Following the event, at least eight detainees were charged with battery.

Palm Beach Youth Academy is a private juvenile detention center operated since the late 1990s by Youth Services International (YSI). In March 2016, the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice announced that it would end its contracts with YSI. Palm Beach Youth Academy is now operated by Sequel Youth and Family Services.

The disturbance occurred a year after the Miami Herald released a series of investigative articles exposing the violence and corruption of the Florida Juvenile Justice System. The articles, and a series of lawsuits filed on behalf of juvenile detainees, exposed guards arranging fights between youths and betting on them, guards beating youths, maggot-infested food, unsanitary conditions and more.



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