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Uprising at Lee County Juvenile Detention Center, Iowa

January 20, 2019: Four juvenile detainees participated in an uprising in the day room of the juvenile detention center. The juveniles destroyed property and sprayed fire extinguishers, setting off alarms. All four were charged with 2nd-Degree Criminal Mischief and Participating in a Riot.

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Unrest at Lee County Juvenile Detention Center, Iowa

December 6, 2018: Three juvenile detainees participated in an uprising in the day room of the detention center. Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber spoke with The Hawk Eye, saying, “I’ve never seen it to this extent,” Weber said, describing the state of the day room where what he referred to as a “melee” occurred. One officer was treated for minor injuries.

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Disturbance at Palm Beach Youth Academy, Florida

September 21, 2018: At least six juvenile detainees reportedly grabbed staff who were trying to take another boy back to his cell. During the melee, the boys flipped tables and threw chairs, threatened staff and destroyed property. Specific details remain unclear. Following the event, at least six detainees are charged with battery.

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Uprising at Volusia Regional Juvenile Detention Center, Florida

July 15, 2018: At least nine incarcerated teenagers participate in an uprising after taking keys to the common area from an officer. The prisoners fought guards with metal food trays and destroyed prison infrastructure. The prisoners held control of the prison for about a half an hour.

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Uprising at Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center, Ohio

January 8, 2018: At least 12 juvenile detainees between the ages of 14 and 16 took control of a pod and held it for more than three hours, destroying infrastructure, threatening guards and pouring soap on the floor. Initial estimates put the damage at $200,000 or more. Damages included damaged cell doors, clogged plumbing, broken ceiling tiles, light fixtures, windows, sprinklers, showers, toilets, and a broken television.

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Plot to Electrocute Guard at Lincoln Hills School, Wisconsin

September 25, 2017: A group of male juvenile detainees poured water on the floor and into a wall outlet and dipped the end of the chord from a fan into water before requesting that a guard plug the fan in. The attempted attack was allegedly in retaliation for the guard punishing the juveniles by making them stay in their cells for an hour. The guard was deterred from plugging in the fan by another juvenile who warned him of the plot.

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Youth Uprising at Lincoln Hills Juvenile Prison, Wisconsin

August 3, 2017: Youth prisoners scale a building, and attack guards with metal, shingles and rocks they tear from the roof. According to news reports, “one inmate was seen doing back flips and another threatened a guard, saying the whole ordeal could have been prevented if she had just played chess with him. Another inmate argued he should have been able to participate in a pizza party.”

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Uprising at Manatee Regional Juvenile Detention Center, Florida

March 19, 2014: Following a disturbance earlier in the day, youths took control of Bravo 2 module and caused significant damage to prison infrastructure. The youths “displayed defiant and unruly behavior” toward detention officers, refusing to comply with orders. Photos of the damage, obtained by the Miami Herald as part of their investigation into the Florida Juvenile Justice system, show “an overturned couch, toppled file cabinet, dangling light fixtures, missing ceiling tiles, debris everywhere and a bookshelf that appears to have been tossed.”

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Uprising at Lorrie Yeager Jr. Juvenile Center, West Virginia

February 18, 2014: Six teens are charged with rioting after an uprising that did more than $40,000 in damages.

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Uprising at Avon Park Youth Academy, Florida

August 17, 2013: A fight between two groups of juvenile detainees escalated into an uprising that destroyed 18 of facility’s 20 buildings, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. The boys stole a guard’s radio and all of the facility’s golf carts and set a trash bin on fire. At least 61 juveniles are later charged with crimes associated with the uprising. The Avon Park Youth Academy is a private facility operated by a G4S.

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