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Protest and Uprising at Crossroads Correctional, Missouri

May 12, 2018: After recreation and programming were cut due to staffing shortages, prisoners stage a sit-down strike–sitting peacefully and refusing to follow orders from staff. According to the Missouri DOC, 209 prisoners participated in the protest.

The conflict escalated into a full-blown riot in which prisoners hot-wired fork lifts to break down the doors in one facility and destroyed infrastructure within including the kitchen, cafeteria area, storages areas, staff offices and a Missouri Vocational Enterprises factory.

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Work Stoppage at Angola Prison, Louisiana

May 8th, 2018: Following a fight between prisoners and guards, at least 27 prisoners refuse to work. According to the prisoners themselves, 100 prisoners eventually participate in the work stoppage. That night, prisoners release a list of demands. Despite the prisoners’ stated intentions that the work stoppage continue, prisoners return to work the following day.

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