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2010 — 2011 — 2012 — 2013 — 2014 — 2015 — 2016 — 2017 — 2018 — 2019

Type of Facility
Juvenile — State Prison — Private Prison — Immigrant Detention Center — Federal Prison — City/County Jail — Provincial Prison — Halfway House — Women’s Prison — Military Prison — Treatment/Mental Health Facility 

Type of Private Prison Contract (if applicable)
Contracted with ICEContracted with Federal Bureau of PrisonsContracted with State Department of CorrectionsContracted with Department of Juvenile Justice Contracted with U.S. Marshals Service

Prisoner Organization
Free Alabama MovementFree Ohio MovementFree South Carolina MovementJailhouse Lawyers SpeakIWOCDecarcerate Louisiana — SPARC

Type of Event
Hunger StrikeWork StoppageDisturbanceFireFood StrikeProtestUprisingAttack on GuardsRiotCommissary BoycottHostage — Escape/ Escape Attempt

Nationally Coordinated Strikes
2016 National Prisoner Strike — 2018 National Prisoner Strike

Involved Death
Prisoner DeathGuard Death

Lethal Force
Guard Use of Lethal Force

Private Prison Corporation
Core Civic/CCAGeo GroupG4S — LCS Correction Services — Management and Training Corporation — Sequel Youth and Family Services — Youth Services International

Did they lose their contract?
Lost Private Prison Contract

Posts are also tagged by both state/province “Missouri”, “Michigan”, “Alabama”, “Canada”, “Ontario”, etc and by facility “Crossroads Correctional Facility”, “Kinross Correctional Facility “, “Holman Correctional Facility”, etc.