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Hunger Strike at Otero County Processing Center, New Mexico

July 9, 2019-ongoing: Five detainees started a hunger strike to protest their detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. All of those participating are from Cuba. As of July 16, all of the men had not eaten a meal and some were refusing water.

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Uprising at Otero County Detention Center, New Mexico

April 30, 2017: During a routine lockdown, at least nine prisoners at Otero County Jail refused to comply with orders. When guards came into their pod to subdue them they wrapped their fists with towels, got into “fighting stances”, and attempted to attack the guards.

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Uprising at Willacy County Correctional Center, Texas

February 20, 2015: Nearly 2,000 inmates participated in an uprising at a private prison run by Management and Training Corporation. The facility, which lies approximately 40 miles from the US-Mexico border was used primarily to house immigrants due for deportation.

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Uprising at Cibola County Correctional Center, New Mexico

August 20, 2014: After a pattern of reported medical neglect and not providing an on-staff medical doctor, a disturbance occurred in a housing unit which then led to assaults on two correctional officers – a lieutenant and a sergeant. For approximately 45 minutes, prisoners attempted to destroy everything in the housing unit, causing $75,000 worth of damage.

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Protest at Cibola County Correctional Center, New Mexico

March 27, 2013: A large group of prisoners staged a protest in the prison yard around 10 a.m. The protest lasted throughout the day, with prisoners eventually returning to their cells late that night.

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Uprising at Adams County Correctional Facility, Mississippi

May 21, 2012: Hundreds of prisoners took control of a unit at a private prison owned by Corrections Corporation of America (now Core Civic) and attempted to negotiate a meeting with the warden to voice their concerns. After guards deploy tear gas canisters, prisoners threw the canisters back towards the firing line along with stones, soda cans, and kitchen trays. Some prisoners stacked food trays and reached the roof where the guards were stationed, assaulting prison staff and again demanding a meeting with the warden.

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