Uprising at Otero County Detention Center, New Mexico

Uprising at Otero County Detention Center, New Mexico

Otero County Detention Center, Alamogordo, New Mexico
April 30, 2017

During a routine lockdown, at least nine prisoners at the Otero County Jail refused to comply with orders. When guards came into their pod to subdue them they wrapped their fists with towels, got into “fighting stances”, and attempted to attack the guards. The prisoners also attempted to block doors and stairs with mattresses and a green boat. One fight at a doorway led to a guard pepper spraying a prisoner.

Many agencies responded to the incident including Otero County Sheriff’s Office, Alamogordo Police, and New Mexico State Police. OCDC Correctional Services Director Carolyn Barela claimed that the unrest began when one man was upset that his phone call was interrupted by the lockdown.

Nine people were charged in connection with the uprising. Charges ranged from felony assault against a jail to attempted disarming of a peace officer.

When local media reached out to OCDC for additional details their requests were ignored.


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