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Hunger Strike at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center, Delaware

August 29-September 5, 2018: At least 12 prisoners begin refusing meals in protest of conditions. One prisoner, A’Keem Cropper, speaks with local media and explains the motivation for the hunger strike. According to prison authorities, one week later the last of the hunger strikers begins to eat.

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Vaughn 17 Hunger Strike at Sussex Correctional, Delaware

July 29-31, 2018: Fourteen of the eighteen prisoners charged in association with the February 2017 riot at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center stage a hunger strike in protest of their recreation time being cut. The prisoners, who had been transferred out of Vaughn Correctional following the uprising to the Howard R. Young Correctional Center and the Sussex Correctional center, were all united at the Sussex Correctional Center shortly before the hunger strike.

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Uprising at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center, Delaware

February 1, 2017: Prisoners mask up and rush two officers following recreation time. They take a cell block for 18 hours, holding staff hostage, issuing demands to the media and explaining their actions as a response to conditions, the failure of non-violent protest, and the election of President Donald Trump. One hostage guard is killed during the uprising, and sixteen prisoners are charged with murder. They and two others are also charged with kidnapping, conspiracy and rioting.

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Protest at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center, Delaware

January 15, 2017: Inmates housed on the A and B tiers of the C-Building refused to return to their cells after recreation until they spoke with a supervisor regarding the conditions in C-Building. The disagreement was related to recreation time and to the transfer of inmates to Security Housing Units (SHUs).

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