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Hunger Strike at Edmonton Remand Centre, Alberta

July 23-30, 2018: More than 200 prisoners went on hunger strike in protest of a new policy restricting time outside of their cells. One week later, 14 prisoners continued refusing meals. The prisoners were protesting a new program called “tiered rotation” in which prisoners are let out of their cells according to specific schedule, staggered throughout the day. The new program didn’t allow prisoners out of their cells for enough hours a day, according to prisoners.

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Hunger Strike at Edmonton Remand Centre, Alberta, Canada

January 6-10, 2018: At least 55 prisoners at the Edmonton Remand Centre in Alberta, Canada launch a hunger strike to protest an increase in violent attacks on prisoners by corrections officers. The jail responds by placing all striking prisoners in isolation and taking away their personal property. The hunger strike resolves 3 days later, according to the jail administration.

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