Hunger Strike at Edmonton Remand Centre, Alberta

Hunger Strike at Edmonton Remand Centre, Alberta

Edmonton Remand Centre, Edmonton, Alberta
July 23, 2018 – July 30, 2018 (exact end date uncertain)

More than 200 prisoners went on hunger strike in protest of a new policy restricting time outside of their cells. One week later, 14 prisoners continued refusing meals.

The prisoners were protesting a new program called “tiered rotation” in which prisoners are let out of their cells according to specific schedule, staggered throughout the day. The new program didn’t allow prisoners out of their cells for enough hours a day, according to prisoners.

According to other news sources, the hunger strike was launched in protest of a lockdown of the prison the followed a series of drug overdoses. The prison was locked down July 13-15 after eight prisoners overdosed in 72 hours–one of whom died.

The hunger strike followed another hunger strike in January, 2018 in which prisoners complained of abuse by guards. According to one prisoner who spoke to CBC News, despite their efforts nothing had changed in the ensuing months. His statement confirmed a report from earlier in the year by a prisoner who stated that, nearly a month after the January hunger strike ended the prison had still not followed through on its promises.



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