Hunger Strike at Bristol County House of Corrections, Massachusetts

Hunger Strike at Bristol County House of Corrections, Massachusetts

Bristol County House of Corrections, Dartmouth, Massachusetts
July 17-26, 2018

Approximately 60 immigrant detainees went on hunger strike on July 17 in protest of conditions in the part of the jail operated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). When prisoners in the general population unit of the same jail heard of the hunger strike on the news, 250 joined the protest in solidarity. Reports of exact dates and numbers of strikers vary between sources.

According to a statement from the immigrant advocacy group Families for Freedom,

“Guys are getting sick because the shower has mold and the food is 3 to 4 days old and yellow, like yellow mashed potatoes,” the statement quoted an inmate as saying. “If you are sick you have to wait 1 to 2 weeks before you get attention. There’s a guy in here who has gone three weeks with a broken hand and no medical care. People are getting seizures and no medical care, people are denied medicine for their conditions. People get food poisoning from the food and are told to just drink water.”

On July 27, activists with Bristol County for Correctional Justice held a rally in the parking lot of the UMass Dartmouth Law School to raise awareness about the hunger strike. On September 30, approximately 30 activists held a rally outside the jail.



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