Uprising at Volusia Regional Juvenile Detention Center, Florida

Uprising at Volusia Regional Juvenile Detention Center, Florida
Volusia Regional Juvenile Detention Center, Daytona Beach, Florida July 15, 2018 At least nine incarcerated teenagers participate in a riot after taking keys to the common area from an officer. The prisoners fight guards with metal food trays and destroy prison infrastructure. The prisoners hold control of the prison for about a half-hour. As Sheriff’s spokeswoman Laura Williams tells The Daytona Beach News-Journal:
“…all nine juveniles are in custody and were charged with inciting a riot and resisting without violence. The teens charged were Zion Counts, 17; Jahrece Austell, 17; Terrion Whitaker, 13; Jemari Overstreet, 18; Eugene Green, 13; Stephen Hawkins, 14; K’veon Jiles, 13; Davion Smith, 15; and Tyler Gibson, 16…”
According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, “Volusia County sheriff’s deputies were called at 12:07 p.m. to the facility, which is a 60-bed facility that serves youth detained by various circuit courts. Youth are detained pending adjudication, disposition or placement in a commitment facility.”
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