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Escape at Maui Community Correctional Center, Hawaii

April 14, 2019: Two pretrial detainees kicked open a “termite-eaten” door while guards slept and escaped the prison. One of the prisoners, Barret “BJ” Paman, turned himself in to law enforcement later that day, stating that he escaped because the conditions at the prison were so bad. According to his lawyer, Paman, “voluntarily turned himself in as soon as he felt safe,” Parker said.

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Uprising at Maui Community Correctional Center, Hawaii

March 11, 2019: At least 42 prisoners refused to return to their cells at the end of recreation time and instead caused “significant damage” to prison infrastructure. The uprising occurred in two pods of the housing unit. Prisoners broke sprinklers, leading to flooding in the pod. The prisoners also started a fire which caused smoke damage in a neighboring pod.

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Protest at Maui Community Correctional Center, Hawaii

April 9, 2018: Prisoners refuse orders to return to their cells. According to reports, they “wanted to express their frustration with the phone system, a damaged television in the common area of their module, and the absence of rice with some of their meals over the past few days.” The stand-off and negotiations last about 45 minutes. Seven prisoners potentially face charges following the protest.

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Attack on Guards at Oahu Correctional Center, Hawaii

September 30, 2017: A group of approximately 18 prisoners attacked three guards as they were being moved from their housing unit to the medical unit. The attack may have occurred in retaliation for a lockdown of the prison.

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Uprising at Oahu Community Correctional Center, Hawaii

February 11, 2016: At least 15 prisoners light fires, tear bunks from the walls and flood the unit’s second floor with water by blocking up toilets and sinks at the state’s largest prison. Officials claim that the riot is the biggest the state has seen in 30 years. According to the prison administration, the prisoners’ actions were partially in response to the prison’s failure to supply them with writing materials to file grievances.

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