Uprising at Lee County Juvenile Detention Center, Iowa

Uprising at Lee County Juvenile Detention Center, Iowa

Lee County Juvenile Detention Center, Montrose, Iowa
December 6, 2018

Three juvenile detainees participated in an uprising in the day room of the detention center. Deputies from the Lee County Sheriff’s department were called in to help contain the uprising.

Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber spoke with The Hawk Eye, saying, “I’ve never seen it to this extent,” describing the state of the day room. He referred to the event as a “melee.” One officer was treated for minor injuries.

According to The Hawk Eye: “One of the juveniles, whose names were not released, was charged with assault with injury on a law officer. Another was charged with assault on a law officer without injury, as well as second-degree criminal mischief. Both, along with a third detainee, were charged with participating in a riot.”



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