Uprising at Webb County Detention Center, Texas

Uprising at Webb County Detention Center, Texas

Webb County Detention Center, Laredo, Texas
December 11, 2018

Two correctional officers were attacked by prisoners while reportedly conducting a “cell search” at approximately 3:00 am Tuesday morning at the private prison run by CoreCivic. Approximately 25 prisoners then destroyed prison property, breaking protective panels and windows inside the jail and clogging toilets in several cells. Prisoners also started a fire in the cell reportedly using an “electronic device.”

Sheriff’s Office Special Operations and Response Team (SORT) deployed a flashbang grenade and used other “non-lethal” means of regaining control of the unit.

Damages to the prison were estimated at $29,000.

In late March 2019, the first of the prisoners involved in the uprising was sentenced to five years in prison for riot participation, a first degree felony. The sentence will run concurrently with a 19 year sentence for a previous charge.

Surveillance camera footage of the unit involved in the uprising at Webb County Jail, Laredo, Texas (Photo Source: Webb County Sherriff’s Office).

(Updated: 4/1/19)


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