Eagle Pass Correctional Facility, Eagle Pass, Texas
November 5 and November 13, 2018

Prisoners from Idaho housed in a private prison in Texas participate in two disturbances in just over a week. On November 5, after a prisoner was confronted by staff for stealing food from the kitchen, at least 11 of the 44 prisoners housed in the housing unit refused orders to return to their cells, put towels over their faces, covered security cameras and blocked the doors with boxes and garbage cans filled with water.

A week later, on November 13, prisoners again refuse to return to their cells, put towels over their faces, block security cameras, put soapy water on the floors and damage prison infrastructure. One prisoner also started a fire in a trash can.

The Eagle Pass Correctional Facility is operated by The GEO Group, Inc., a Florida-based firm operating private prisons, and leased by the Idaho Department of Corrections. At the time of the disturbance, it was housing 548 Idaho prisoners.



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