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Two Uprisings by Idaho Prisoners at Eagle Pass Correctional Facility, Texas

November 5-13, 2018: Prisoners from Idaho housed in a private prison in Texas participate in two disturbances in just over a week.

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Prisoners Hack JPay Tablets, Idaho

July 27, 2018: Idaho prison officials say 364 inmates exploit a software vulnerability in the JPay tablets they use for email, music, and games to collectively transfer nearly a quarter million dollars into their accounts.

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Uprising at Bannock County Jail, Idaho

July 11, 2018: Twenty-seven prisoners at the Bannock County Jail participate in an uprising in which they destroy sprinkler systems and stop up their sinks and toilets to flood their cells. According to the Sheriff the riot was caused by conditions of severe overcrowding. After about two and a half hours, the uprising ended when a group of armed deputies entered the cells.

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