Prisoners Attempt Unit Take-Over at Southern State Correctional Facility, Vermont

Prisoners Attempt Unit Take-Over at Southern State Correctional Facility, Vermont

Southern State Correctional Facility, Springfield, Vermont
November 19, 2019

Prisoners at Southern State Correctional Facility, Vermont’s largest prison, allegedly attempted to take over a unit at the prison, according to a Vermont Department of Corrections press release.

Corrections Commissioner Mike Touchette said in a press release that one prisoner hit a corrections officer in the head with a blunt object while two others attacked another prisoner.

According to the press release, the assaulting prisoners were confronted by guards using pepper spray and all prisoners were forced to return to their cells. Thirty minutes later, two prisoners barricaded themselves into their cells and refused to cooperate with orders from guards. Guards responded by throwing a flashbang grenade into the cell.

At this time, no information is available regarding the circumstances that led to the uprising, nor the motivations of the prisoners.

The uprising was followed about two weeks later by another uprising in a Vermont prison in which two prisoners barricaded themselves in a cell at the Marble Valley Correctional Center and refused orders from guards.


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Header Photo Source: VT Digger

Article published: December 9, 2019; Updated December 10, 2019.