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Two Prisoners Barricade their Cell at Marble Valley Regional Correctional, Vermont

December 5, 2019: Two prisoners at the Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility barricaded themselves in their cell and refused orders from guards, according to WCAX. The prison’s “special response team” was called in to end the standoff.

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Prisoners Attempt Unit Take-Over at Southern State Correctional Facility, Vermont

November 19, 2019: Prisoners at Southern State Correctional Facility, Vermont’s largest prison, allegedly attempted to take over a unit at the prison, according to a Vermont Department of Corrections press release. Corrections Commissioner Mike Touchette said in a press release that one prisoner hit a corrections officer in the head with a blunt object while two others attacked another prisoner.

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Uprising by Vermont Prisoners at Franklin County Jail, Massachusetts

July 7, 2011: At least 15 Vermont prisoners housed in the Massachusetts jail refuse to lock down in their cells and destroy prison infrastructure and throw furniture, blankets and other debris “over the railing” on to the tier below. The riot lasts approximately 3 hours before it is subdued by prison guards.

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