Uprising at Crawford County Detention Center, Arkansas

Crawford County Detention Center, Crawford County, Arkansas
March 8, 2019

When a sergeant and a deputy attempted to remove a prisoner from a pod containing 40 prisoners, the other 39 prisoners interfered. When the prisoner was removed, the rest of the prisoners attacked prison infrastructure, destroying televisions, lights, ceiling tiles, phones and the sprinkler system, which caused significant flooding.

Crawford County Sheriff Ron Brown lamented the loss of the sprinkler system. “The sprinkler system sucks,” Brown said. “We spend all this money to get good sprinkler heads and they say they can’t be broken — well, these inmates proved them wrong, and here we are today.”

Damages from the uprising are approximated at $15,000-$20,000, the most of any disturbance within the facility since it opened in December, 2016, according to Brown.

The uprising ended when sheriffs and police arrived on the scene. No injuries were reported.

Following the uprising, five inmates are charged with inciting a riot.

Updated (3/16/19)


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