2018 National Prison Strike: California

2018 National Prison Strike: California

California State Prison, Los Angeles County, Lancaster, California (a.k.a. Lancaster State Prison)
August 9 – September 23, 2018 (exact dates uncertain)

California State Prison, Sacramento, California (a.k.a New Folsom Prison)
August 21 – September 11, 2018 (exact end date uncertain)

Prisoner members of the group United Kings Against Genocidal Environments (KAGE) engaged in a hunger strike at California State Prison, Los Angeles County in response to the call for a National Prison Strike. One source reports that the strike lasted four weeks.

One prisoner, Heriberto “Sharky” Garcia, engaged in a hunger strike at California State Prison, Sacramento also in response to the national call. Sharky shot a video of himself refusing a burrito, which supporters shared on social media. Garcia can be heard saying, “Burritos or not, not eating today. Protest. I’m hunger striking right now.”

Vicky Waters, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, told The New York Times, “I can tell you we have had no reported incidents or activities from inmates related to the national prison strike.”

On August 25, about 500 people held a rally outside the San Quentin State Prison in support of the prison strike. The rally was organized by the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and Prisoners Human Rights Coalition, CA from San José.



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