South Carolina September 9-23, 2016 Prisoners issue a list of demands and those affiliated with Jailhouse Lawyers Speak report that incarcerated individuals at multiple facilities across South Carolina refuse to go to work and are locked down. They hold down work stoppages and disruptions continuously for months, sustaining longer protest than we’ve heard from anywhere. The strike centers around Perry, Broad River, McCormick and Turbeville. Videos, Facebook posts and tweets trickle out from contraband phones, recounting tales of retaliation and repression, shakedowns, fights and attacks by and against staff. These reports are collected by IGD and Mask Magazine, but searching past archive of @prisonslavery1 or @JailLawSpeak is how to find the most exhaustive account of what occurred.
“Demands from South Carolina Prisoners”, IWOC Facebook post, September 9, 2016. “Defend the strike”,, September 24, 2016. “Live updates from the national prisoner strike”, Mask Magazine, September 2016.