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2018 National Prison Strike: South Carolina

August 21, 2018 – September 9, 2018: Commissary Boycotts and widespread work stoppages occur in at least six facilities in South Carolina as part of the #August21 National Prison Strike. South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) claims there are no work strikes and engages in repeated shakedowns and searches for contraband phones to prevent word of the strike from escaping the walls.

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Uprising at McCormick Correctional Institution, South Carolina

October 4, 2017: Prisoners take control of a unit of the prison and set fires, chase officers with knives, and climb on the roof. They are able to hold their unit for three hours until their captors regain control.

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South Carolina Rebellion

September 26-30, 2016: Amid frequent shakedowns, transfers and other retaliation for participating in the nation-wide strike, a prisoner named Michael Lorenzo Jones is killed in a fight between prisoners at McCormick CI. The Department of Corrections responds with a statewide lockdown and media blackout. The next day, and three hours away, prisoners refuse orders, jump on a guard and chase staff out of the unit. They maintain control of the unit for less than 12 hours. Over the next four days prisoners on Twitter (@prisonslavery1) report at least 5 more guards in different facilities being attacked and often hospitalized, including 4 stabbed at Lanesboro on the 30th.

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2016 National Prison Strike: South Carolina

September 9-23, 2016: Prisoners issue a list of demands and those affiliated with Jailhouse Lawyers Speak report that incarcerated individuals at multiple facilities across South Carolina refuse to go to work and are locked down. They hold down work stoppages and disruptions continuously for months, sustaining longer protest than we’ve heard from anywhere.

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