Uprising at Vanderburgh County Jail, Indiana

Uprising at Vanderburgh County Jail, Indiana
Vanderburgh County Jail, Evansville, Indiana July 26, 2016 Prisoners at the Vanderburgh County Jail refused to be handcuffed, flooded their cell, put soap on the floor to trip the guards when they entered and used bed bunks and mattresses as barricades and shields. Sheriff Dave Wedding stated: “They were yelling, screaming, and they start violently kicking on our doors and pounding on the windows and these were nine people in a housing unit of about 70 people or so. Sometimes that can incite other people to follow their lead so we could’ve had bigger problems.” The prisoners charged in association with the riot were: Brendan Scott Cooper, Cory Allen Pierce, Javon Lamark Burton, John Ezra Wallace, Kededrique Alexandria Boyd, Kyndrick Deiontay Hancock, Robert Lee Henderson Jr., Seth Matthew Wrinkles, and Stanley Morgan Jr. The charges include resisting law enforcement, rioting, aiding/inducing in bodily injury of a public safety officer, and attempted criminal mischief. At least one of the prisoners charged, Stanley Morgan Jr., was sentenced to one year in prison.

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