Assault on Officer at Fayette CDC, Kentucky

Fayette County Detention Center, Fayette, Kentucky

March 14, 2011

A group of detainees in the jail protested being required to remove shower shoes and being denied access to basketball courts. When guards attempted to subdue the disturbance, using rubber bullets and bean bag guns, one detainee, named Bass Webb threw a large metal prison phone at them. Webb had already been hit in the neck with a rubber bullet and the leg with a beanbag. The phone damaged the guard’s riot shield, but did not injure the officer.

Webb was sentenced to 15 years for third-degree assault, and being a persistent felon. He was in the jail awaiting trial on multiple charges, including homicide of two women, contempt of court for spitting at a judge and attempted murder for running down court officials in a car in 2009.


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Bass Webb sentenced to 50 years for running down Bourbon officersLexington Herald Leader, July 28, 2011.

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