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Uprising at Bell County Detention Center, Kentucky

May 1, 2019: At least five inmates flooded cells by clogging toilets and shower drains, set off fire alarms, and ripped a TV off the wall. The inmates then allegedly used pieces of the broken television as weapons to threaten officers that came into the cell.

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Mass Escape from Boyd County Detention Center, Kentucky

December 28, 2017: Four prisoners escaped the detention center in the 10th escape from the facility since July, 2017 . Catlettsburg Police Chief Cameron Logan told WSAZ the prisoners changed their clothes before escaping and “followed the air conditioning duct to the roof and then jumped off.” He also stated that there are no cameras outside of the jail and some of cameras inside the jail were not working properly. The prisoners stole a truck parked a quarter mile from the facility.

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Uprising at Boyd County Detention Center, Kentucky

August 19, 2017: Prisoners damage the sprinkler system in their cell and when guards respond by shutting off the water, the prisoners attack, forcing their cell door open and setting fires in the hallway beyond. Less than a month previous, four prisoners had escaped from the same facility.

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Four Prisoners Escape Boyd County Detention Center, Kentucky

July 30, 2017: Four prisoners escaped the detention center by exploiting a flaw in the building’s design. The last of the four prisoners was captured a month later.

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Assault on Officer at Fayette CDC, Kentucky

June 6, 2011- A group of detainees in the jail protested being required to remove shower shoes and being denied access to basketball courts. When guards attempted to subdue the disturbance, using rubber bullets and bean bag guns, one detainee threw a large metal prison phone at them.

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