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Attack on Guards at Riverside County Jail, California

December 19, 2013: Two deputies performing security checks were attacked by prisoners. When two additional deputies came to their aid, they were also attacked. According to the sheriff’s department, the prisoners were attempting to escape.

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Hunger Strike at Potosi Correctional Facility, Missouri

October 13, 2013: A group of 15 prisoners stage a week long hunger strike “to protest too much abuse, neglect, sanitation issues etc.” At the launch, prisoners express their solidarity with the massive California hunger strike earlier in the year.

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Protest at Central East Correctional Centre, Ontario

September 20, 2013: About 200 immigrant detainees stage a protest and hunger strike in response to a recent mass transfer and the prison conditions that denied them access to their legal counsel, family visitation, and recreational programming. Due to the lack off resolution, a few of the hunger strikers resume their hunger strike.

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Uprising at Avon Park Youth Academy, Florida

August 17, 2013: A fight between two groups of juvenile detainees escalated into an uprising that destroyed 18 of facility’s 20 buildings, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. The boys stole a guard’s radio and all of the facility’s golf carts and set a trash bin on fire. At least 61 juveniles are later charged with crimes associated with the uprising. The Avon Park Youth Academy is a private facility operated by a G4S.

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Attack on Guards at Arizona State Prison Complex – Winslow

July 19, 2013: Two inmates attack a guard as she is escorting over 50 prisoners. The officers family believes the attack to be a response to the officer providing a drug tip to the department of corrections.

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California Prison Hunger Strike

July 8 – September 5, 2013: Following more delays and slow response to 2011 hunger strikes, Pelican Bay prisoners start another hunger strike in California. Over 30,000 prisoners join in, including hundreds throughout the United States. This is the largest hunger strike in history, bringing the issue of solitary confinement to the attention of the media, legislators, the United Nations, and the public in general.

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Disturbance at Ridgeland Correctional Institution, South Carolina

June 3, 2013: After a prisoner was caught trying to retrieve a package of contraband thrown over the fence, other prisoners in his dorm fought and protested, refusing to return to their cells. Guards deployed tear gas to regain control. One guard and one prisoner reported injuries.

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Lucasville Survivors Hunger Strike at Ohio State Penitentiary

April 11, 2013: Three inmates on death row for their involvement in the 1993 Lucasville prison uprising stage a hunger strike on the 20th anniversary of the uprising. The men are protesting the state’s refusal to allow them sit-down media interviews about their cases. They are joined by a fourth inmate doing life in prison for his involvement in the uprising.

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Protest and Uprising at Arizona State Prison Complex–Lewis

April 9, 2013: Approximately 40 prisoners refused to leave the dining hall and, as the protest escalated, damaged prison infrastructure. According to a source who spoke with Survivors of Prison Violence Arizona, the conflict began when all the kitchen staff were fired and replaced with other workers. The event began as a sit down strike and escalated into an uprising:

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Protest at Cibola County Correctional Center, New Mexico

March 27, 2013: A large group of prisoners staged a protest in the prison yard around 10 a.m. The protest lasted throughout the day, with prisoners eventually returning to their cells late that night.

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