Uprising at Sandoval County Detention Center, New Mexico

Uprising at Sandoval County Detention Center, New Mexico

Sandoval County Detention Center, Bernalillo, New Mexico
January 14, 2020

A short uprising took place when nine prisoners refused to return to their cells after being ordered by a guard. Guards then left the area, and jail administration called in the special task force. The prisoners blockaded the door, poured soapy water on the floor, and threw a microwave and other items at the door when the special task force arrived.

The task force used flash bangs to disorient the inmates and then apprehended all of them.

The prisoners were subsequently charged with two felonies: “unlawful assault on a jail” and “conspiracy to commit unlawful assault on a jail”, as well as a misdemeanor charge of “assault on a peace officer.”

It is not clear what took place prior to the prisoners refusing to re-enter their cells.


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Header photo source: hips.htvapps.com
Video source: youtube.com, KOAT
Article published: February 19, 2020