Perry Correctional Institution, Greenville County, South Carolina September 9, 2016 Approximately 350 of the prison’s 1500 prisoners refuse to work. Prison workers strike from the furniture factory, kitchen, landscaping, and janitorial duty. On the ninth a group of strikers also refuses to return to their cells, prompting a full facility lockdown through the weekend. State senator Karl Allen claims this group numbered 10, but prisoners inside reported that it was 30.
Our folks say it was THIRTY NOT TEN#EndPrisonSlavery #prisonstrike #attica45— IWOC (@IWW_IWOC) September 11, 2016
“A National Strike Against “Prison Slavery””, The New Yorker, October 3, 2016. “Lockdown lifted at Upstate maximum-security prison”, WYFF4, September 12, 2016.