2016 National Prison Strike: Valdosta State Prison

2016 National Prison Strike: Valdosta State Prison

Valdosta State Prison, Valdosta, Georgia
September 8 – 11, 2016

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As part of the 2016 nationally coordinated prisoner strike, at least two prisoners attacked guards while others went on hunger strike.

In a letter sent to Atlanta Anarchist Black Cross, one prisoner, Trouble D, recounted the events. He explained that he believed other prisoners tipped off the guards that there would be actions on September 9, the first proposed day of the strike. As a result, the inmates initiated actions ahead of the strike on September 8.

According to the letter, on September 8, an inmate threw urine on a sergeant. In response, the sergeant refused to feed the inmate. In retaliation, other inmates threw additional bodily fluids on the sergeant. A CERT team responded to the incident, pepper spraying the inmates while others screamed “remember Attica, bitch”, “black lives matters”, and “justice will be served.” The inmates then delivered a list of demands to the Sergeant. When the Sergeant returned to the cell to feed the inmates he was hit in the face with feces and reportedly vomited.

Also according to the letter, the following day, September 9, an unknown number of people went on hunger strike. Other inmates attacked CERT teams with bodily fluids.

On September 10 and 11, some inmates reportedly flooded and destroyed the inside of their cells.

Supporters of the prison strike held a solidarity march in Atlanta that ended in three arrests. A number of banners were also dropped in support of the prison strike in Athens, Georgia.

In the aftermath of the unrest at Valdosta, the inmate reported in his letter: “the food is much better, we get our proper yard time, more mental health assistance, less shakedowns and they undivided attention.”



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