Lucasville Uprising Survivors’ Hunger Strike, Ohio

Lucasville Uprising Survivors’ Hunger Strike, Ohio

Ohio State Penitentiary, Youngstown, Ohio
January 3 – 18, 2011

Three of the survivors of the Lucasville Uprising go on a 15-day hunger strike to protest the extreme conditions of their solitary confinement. The men were demanding conditions equal to that of other Ohio death row prisoners, namely contact with family, access to legal resources, access to the media, and other basic items– such as cold weather clothing.

By January 18, the Ohio Department of Corrections had acquiesced to many of the protestor’s demands, granting them “semi-contact” visits with family members, additional recreation time, access to computer-based legal research, phone privileges up to one hour per day and the opportunity to purchase more items from the commissary, including food and clothing.

The three men are on death row for their alleged involvement in the 1993 uprising that lasted 10 days- one of the longest in the country’s history.


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