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2018 National Prison Strike: Ohio

August 21-September 17, 2018 (exact end date uncertain): According to Central Ohio IWOC, at least two prisoners, David Easley and James Ward, go on hunger strike on August 21 in response to a call for a national prison strike and in protest of violence by correctional officers at their institution and lack of healthcare for prisoners. According to IWOC, Toledo Correctional confirms that some prisoners are refusing meals but does not confirm how many. Although it is uncertain how long the initial hunger strike lasts, IWOC announces that the strike begins again on September 14, this time joined by a third prisoner, Matt Hinkston.

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2016 National Prison Strike: Ohio

September 9, 2016: Hunger strikes announced at the Ohio State Penitentiary (supermax) and the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville. Free Ohio Movement releases extensive list of demands. Prisoner organizer Siddique Abdullah Hasan is framed and repeatedly disciplined for doing media interviews about the national strike, fellow supermax prisoners engage in hunger strikes in solidarity with Hasan.

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Hunger Strike at Ohio State Penitentiary

March 16, 2015: Between thirty and forty prisoners went on hunger strike for a month, protesting new restrictions on recreation and group programming for those in solitary confinement. Prisoners alleged that they were being prevented from attending religious services, a right protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

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Lucasville Survivors Hunger Strike at Ohio State Penitentiary

April 11, 2013: Three inmates on death row for their involvement in the 1993 Lucasville prison uprising stage a hunger strike on the 20th anniversary of the uprising. The men are protesting the state’s refusal to allow them sit-down media interviews about their cases. They are joined by a fourth inmate doing life in prison for his involvement in the uprising.

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Hunger Strike at Ohio State Penitentiary

April 30th, 2012: On the day before May Day, the international day of the worker, at least 25 to 48 prisoners went on a 10 day hunger strike at OSP, a super-max prison. On May 1st, another group of prisoners who weren’t on indefinite hunger strike, engaged in a one-day fast in solidarity. Prisoners stated an interest in “joining hands in struggle toward common goals” with protest and resistance movements like Occupy Wall Street. 

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Occupy4Prisoners Hunger Strike at Ohio State Penitentiary

February 20-22, 2012: Upon hearing about the call for a national “Occupy 4 Prisoners” mobilization, at least 20 prisoners at Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP) organized a one-day solidarity hunger strike. During the action, they heard about outside demonstrations and decided to issue demands and extend their protest. Two days later, the Warden met with the prisoners and agreed to accommodate demands for more outdoor recreation, improved programming, food and commissary prices.

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Lucasville Uprising Survivors’ Hunger Strike, Ohio

January 3, 2011: Three of the survivors of the Lucasville Uprising go on a 15-day hunger strike to protest the extreme conditions of their solitary confinement. The men were demanding conditions equal to that of other Ohio death row prisoners, namely contact with family, access to legal resources, access to the media, and other basic items– such as cold weather clothing.

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