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2018 National Prison Strike: Florida

August, 2018 (exact dates uncertain): According to IWOC Gainesville, prisoners at five facilities in Florida engage in work strikes and commissary boycotts: Charlotte Correctional Institution, Dade Correctional Institution, Holmes Correctional Institution, Appalachee Correctional Institution, Franklin Correctional Institution. Outside supporters with Gainesville IWOC and other groups stage a series of solidarity actions, including an occupation outside the work release camp near Gainesville.

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2016 National Prison Strike: Florida

September 7-12, 2016: Kicking the September 9 strike off early, 400 prisoners at Holmes Correctional rebel, damaging nearly every dorm in the facility. Several hundred more prisoners participate in disruptions and work stoppages in other facilities across northern Florida. Multiple prisoners are transferred to segregation, but continue to organize, leading to the Operation PUSH strike in January 2018.

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