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Escape at Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center, Colorado

May 6, 2019: Two juvenile detainees tied bed sheets together and used them to climb out of a second story window after being let out of their cells to use the bathroom. The juveniles were missing for several hours before guards noticed their absence.

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Disturbance at Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center, Colorado

May 1, 2019: At least 8 detainees in the Cedar Lodge housing unit of the state-run treatment facility for juvenile offenders fought guards during a disturbance. The causes and details of the disturbance remain unclear, but 4 juveniles and 10 staff members were injured with 4 staff members being transported to the hospital for treatment.

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Hunger Strike at Sterling Correctional Facility, Colorado

August 7, 2018: According to a letter from a prisoner received by the Denver Anarchist Black Cross and shared anonymously, at least 10 prisoners begin a hunger strike and release a list of demands.

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Prisoners Hack JPay Tablets, Idaho

July 27, 2018: Idaho prison officials say 364 inmates exploit a software vulnerability in the JPay tablets they use for email, music, and games to collectively transfer nearly a quarter million dollars into their accounts.

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Refused meals at Denver Women’s Correctional Facility, Colorado

August 19, 2017: Nearly 100 prisoners at a women’s facility refuse meals for one day in solidarity with Millions for Prisoners and those experiencing repression following the national prison strike of September, 2016. Prisoners share commissary food items and make sure each other’s needs are met as they refuse to go to the chow hall. Outside demonstrators rally outside the prison gates, releasing balloons and demonstrating solidarity.

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Uprising at El Paso County Jail, Colorado

November 21, 2016: Nine prisoners engaged in a five hour long standoff with guards after the Colorado jail switched it’s food provider to Trinity Food Services, which prisoners complained was giving inadequate portions.

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Attack on Guard and Escape at Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center, Colorado

August 31, 2014: A juvenile detainee manipulated the faulty lock on his cell and escaped into the hallway where he beat a 65 year old prison guard with a pillow case full of rocks until he was unconscious. The juvenile then took the guards keys and released three other juveniles. The group then escaped the facility.

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Four Escape from Otero County Jail, Colorado

March 4, 2014: Four inmates escaped from Otero County Jail after overpowering guards.

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