Uprising at Krome Detention Center, Florida

Uprising at Krome Detention Center, Florida

Krome Detention Center, Miami, Florida
April 7, 2020

Detainees at Krome Detention Center came into conflict with guards in two different units on Tuesday, April 7th. Krome had been the site of a sizable hunger strike just 5 days prior, involving at least 62 detainees. The prisoners had been demanding immediate release or deportation in response to the pandemic. Tensions seemed to escalate as more new detainees were transferred into the facility and individuals began to exhibit COVID-like symptoms. The confrontation reportedly started when detainees attempted to keep their unit closed to new prisoners. Many have reported that the facility is refusing to test for the coronavirus or provide any protective measures for the prisoners. Many prisoners received injuries in the uprising which they are reporting are not being treated.




Article published: May 10, 2020

Header photo source: Miami Herald