Disturbance at Alder Conservation Camp, California

Disturbance at Alder Conservation Camp, California

Alder Conservation Camp, Klamath, California
June 3, 2019

Please note: This event is recent or ongoing. Please check back for updates as the situation develops.

Three prisoners and one staff member were injured after what the California Department of Corrections called a “riot” at Alder Conservation Camp. While details remain unclear, about 40 prisoners reportedly participated in the disturbance at the camp that houses about 100 minimum security prisoners. It is unclear if prisoners were fighting one another, attacking guards, or destroying prison infrastructure. Department of Corrections spokesperson Terry Thornton declined to provide details on the incident.

One CDCR staff member was reportedly struck in the head and torso during the incident and was transported to a hospital for treatment. Three prisoners were also transported to hospitals for minor injuries. All have since been treated and released.

Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the incident, including the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department, the California Highway Patrol, the National Park Service and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE). Guards responded by using pepper spray and physical force.

Prisoners at the camp battle wildfires and work on conservation projects, earning $2 a day while in the camps and $1 an hour when battling fires.

The prisoners who authorities believe initiated the incident have been transported to Pelican Bay State Prison and placed in segregation.


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