Hunger Strike at Wynne Unit, Huntsville, TX

Hunger Strike at Wynne Unit, Huntsville, TX

John M. Wynne Unit, Huntsville, Texas
April 11- April 20, 2018

Prisoners launch a hunger strike in protest of a lockdown at the prison. According to prison officials, 50 prisoners refuse meals at the height of the 10 day hunger strike. Prison officials state that the lockdown at the prison was caused by “an uptick in disciplinary infractions, including feces-throwing and verbal abuse toward staff” but prisoners and family members state that it was a form of “collective punishment” following a correctional officer attacking a prisoner.

According to a letter from a prisoner that was quoted by local media:

“I am writing to inform you that last night 49 men on medium custody housing on John M. Wynne unit refused food and went on an official hunger strike to protest the overall conditions they were subjected to and the hostile and retaliatory nature of the officers and rank.”

The prisoner also writes:

“On March 22, during breakfast time, an overly aggressive sergeant confronted and then assaulted an inmate on medium custody,” the prisoner wrote, going on to allege that the sergeant in question had a history of use-of-force. “They placed him in PHD [pre-hearing detention] and the next day they placed G4 inmates on a 30-day disciplinary lockdown, as collective punishment.”


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