Hunger Strike at Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison

Hunger Strike at Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison

Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison, Butts County, Georgia
January 30, 2018

Approximately eight inmates started a hunger strike in response to a number of grievances. These included lack of access to recreation time, food issues, sanitation issues, and lack of access to property.

One inmate, Charles Shepard, described the motivation for the hunger strike in a letter to Atlanta Anarchist Black Cross. He wrote:

We are not receiving Recreation at all. Some people do, but the majority of us have been placed on Red. Restriction which is illegal. When you first arrive here, you don’t receive it at all for 90 days.

Our property is held for 90 days. Religious, legals, personal mail, hygiene. We don’t receive proper cell sanitation. Our food portions are very small. Our counselors don’t come around when they are supposed to. We are not given books to read. And many other issues.

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