Attack on Guards at Pelican Bay State Prison, California

Attack on Guards at Pelican Bay State Prison, California

Pelican Bay State Prison, ‎Crescent City‎, ‎Del Norte County, California
March 24, 2017

After guards used chemical agents and batons to intervene in a fight between two prisoners, the guards were attacked by a large group of prisoners. Guards fire live ammunition at the prisoners. According to the department of corrections’ press release, “Officers from three armed posts used lethal force to stop the attacks firing a total of 19 .223 rounds from the mini-14 rifle and three 40-millimeter direct impact rounds.”

Seven prisoners were hospitalized for their injuries, including five for treatment of gunshot wounds. Eight staff members were hospitalized for injuries that were not life-threatening.

Following the incident 97 prisoners were transferred to the administrative segregation unit.



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