Guard Taken Hostage at Trumbull County Jail, Ohio

Trumbull County Jail, Warren, Ohio
April 23, 2014

Three inmates took a guard hostage and phoned the media in a standoff that lasted five hours. Prisoners used their sheets and clothes to tie the door shut and covered windows with mattresses. They also had bags full of a greasy substance to throw on the floor when guards entered, but did not use them. The situation resolved without injuries.

David Martin, a prisoner involved in the incident, had recently been sentenced to death by an Ohio court and phoned 19 Action News during the incident. According to the news channel, “He insisted he was innocent and was trying to clear his name. The conversation ended abruptly when Martin put the call on hold.”

The two other inmates involved in the incident were each sentenced to an additional 7 years in prison. Martin’s death sentence conviction was later affirmed by the Ohio Supreme Court.

(Photo Source: WFMJ).

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