Hunger Strike at Corely Detention Center in Texas

Hunger Strike at Corely Detention Center in Texas
Joe Corley Detention Facility, Conroe, Texas March 17, 2014 Detainees at the Joe Corley Detention Center launch hunger strike in solidarity with detainees on strike in Tacoma, Washington. Their demands include:
  • Stop the deportations
  • Just treatment for detainees
  • End overcrowding in the cells
  • End double judgment for old cases
  • Food with nutrition in it
  • Better medical care
  • Lower calling rates
  • Lower rates in the commissary
Hunger strikers Ramon Mendez Pascual and call out to speak on abuses they experienced in the facility.
No Estan Solos organizes two solidarity actions, one at the facility and the other in downtown Houston. The latter swarms the sheriff’s office with 75-100 people demanding an end to cooperation with ICE.
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