Hunger Strike at Durango Jail, Arizona

Hunger Strike at Durango Jail, Arizona

Durango Jail, Phoenix, Arizona
February 13, 2014 (end date unknown)

At least 90 prisoners at the Durango Jail went on hunger strike to protest food quality. The strikers began their hunger strike in solidarity with one began by the women at the Estrella Jail in Phoenix earlier in the week.

Prisoner Matthew Hardy told AZ Central, “My dogs eat better food than what we’re fed here. We’re not asking for great food, just better than we get.” Hardy reported finding rocks and even a clump of hair in his food.

Another prisoner, Prentis Bey, explained his decision to join the hunger strike in solidarity with the women at Estrella Jail: “If a woman does it, I’m gonna do it. That’s what men are supposed to do.”

Although the strike was ongoing as of February 17, it is unclear when it ended.

Also on February 17, families and supporters of immigrant detainees at the Eloy Detention Center began an encampment and hunger strike outside of the ICE office in Phoenix. Their hunger strike occurred in solidarity with detainees on hunger strike at the Eloy Detention Center at the time.


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