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Uprising at Bordeaux Prison, Canada in Response to COVID-19 Measures

April 12, 2020: Prisoners at the Montreal Detention Centre participated in a small uprising on Easter Sunday in response to measures put in place in response to the pandemic. According to an article from La Presse, prisoners have been allowed to only leave their cells in small groups. When the guards released the wrong set of prisoners, some became “reluctant and came to blows with the guards”.

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Hunger Strike at Laval Immigration Holding Centre, Quebec Against COVID-19 Conditions

March 24, 2020: Between ten and thirty people at an immigration detention centre near Montreal began a hunger strike on March 24 to protest the inadequate measures to prevent their exposure to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Their demands include their immediate release as well medical attention to reduce the risk of COVID-19 contamination.

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Helicopter Escape from Quebec Detention Center, Canada

June 7, 2014: Three prisoners escaped in a helicopter piloted by an unknown person. The helicopter landed in the yard of the prison where three prisoners boarded it before it took off westward towards Montreal. The prisoners were at large for over two weeks before law enforcement captured them in a new upscale condominium development in Montreal.

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Helicopter Escape at Saint-Jérôme Jail, Canada

March 17, 2013: Two people posing as tourists chartered a helicopter and then directed its pilot at gunpoint to fly them to break a prisoner out of jail. The prisoners were recaptured shortly after the escape about 30 miles north of the jail.

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