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Hunger Strike at Polk Correctional Institution, North Carolina

January 2 – 12, 2019 (end date approximate): Prisoner Joseph Steward and several other prisoners launch a hunger strike to demand access to phone calls while in isolation. According to Steward, state law grants him phone access while in isolation.

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2018 National Prison Strike: North Carolina

August, 2018 (exact dates uncertain): North Carolina prisoners issued a set of 8 additional demands focusing on mental health treatment and solitary confinement as well as a call for truce between various groups of prisoners. On August 20, supporters gathered for a noise demo outside Hyde Correctional Institution during the prisoners’ yard time. Prisoners responded to the demo by holding up their own banners saying “parole” “better food” and “solidarity”. Unconfirmed strike activity was reported at 11 prisons in the state.

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Hunger Strike at Polk Correctional Institution, North Carolina

April, 2018 (exact dates unknown): According to a letter from prisoner Willie James Dean-Bey to the San Francisco Bay View, prisoners in the H-Con housing unit went on hunger strike and released a list of demands, including access to food and hygiene items, newspapers, consistent showers and standards for eventual release from solitary confinement, among others.

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