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Uprising at Oklahoma County Jail

September 23, 2018: Several prisoners escaped from their cells on the 12th floor of the jail and destroyed jail infrastructure including surveillance cameras, sprinkler heads and ceiling tiles.

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Uprising at Great Plains Correctional Facility, Oklahoma

July 10, 2017: Armed with baseball bats and iron pipes, 400 prisoners take control of an entire building and two recreation yards for eight hours. Taking two guards hostage, they refuse to return to their cells. Guards use pepper spray and stun grenades. An unspecified number of prisoners are transported to a local hospital for injuries.

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Uprising at Okmulgee County Jail, Oklahoma

September 22, 2014: An unknown number of prisoners participated in an uprising following an incident in which one prisoner expressed anger over being transferred. The uprising resulted in $10,000 of damage to the facility and involved prisoners setting fire to mattresses, breaking windows, barricading doors and flooding the unit.

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Uprising at Lincoln County Jail, Oklahoma

June 23, 2014: Approximately 28 prisoners participated in an uprising at the Lincoln County Jail following a cell search that resulted in the confiscation of tattoo equipment. The prisoners broke a metal pole and used it to smash multiple windows in the jail.

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Uprising at Cimarron Correctional Facility, Oklahoma

March 3, 2013: A four hour uprising occurred at Cimarron Correctional Facility, a private prison owned by the Corrections Corporation of America. Prisoners in a single housing unit smashed windows, breached security doors, broke locks and electrical equipment, and knocked holes in the walls.

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Unrest at North Fork Correctional Facility, Oklahoma

October 11, 2011: Prisoners take the facility after several fights break out. Cause and duration is unclear. Guards set up a morgue on the yard using a tent, though there are no fatalities. Twelve prisoners are airlifted to a hospital for severe injuries, while more than 30 suffer injuries are treated on-site.

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