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Uprising at Baffin Correctional Centre, Nunavut, Canada

June 20, 2018: An uprising in the Charlie Unit that lasted five hours caused extensive damage to the facility with estimates of the damages well over $100,00. Prisoners took over the wing, causing guards to abandon their posts, and threw various items at the windows of the unit including “a jail cell door, six chairs, three TVs, a bathroom sink and an exit sign, among others.”

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Uprising at Baffin Correctional Centre, Nunavut, Canada

September 25, 2017: At least four prisoners participated in a two hour uprising that caused an estimated $100,000 in damage to the facility. According to the Department of Justice, prisoners destroyed “85 per cent of the building’s medium security bed space and 33 per cent of the maximum security bed space.” A prisoner who participated in the uprising later told media that he did so in order to draw attention to the deplorable conditions of the facility.

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