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Protest at Northeast Correctional Center, Missouri

August 22, 2018: Prisoners refused orders to return to their cells and engaged in a non-violent sit-down protest in order to raise grievances regarding lack of recreation time.

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Protest at South Central Correctional Center, Missouri

August 17 – 21, 2018 (exact end date uncertain): Prisoners in the administrative segregation (ad-seg) unit engage in a collective protest in order to raise grievances regarding conditions in the unit. Prisoners use a tactic of refusing their cellmates on the basis of protective custody, forcing the prison to remove them from the double bunked ad-seg cells.

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Protest and Uprising at Tipton Correctional Center, Missouri

July 4, 2018: Upset by rules changes imposing stricter limits on movement and the ability to congregate together, prisoners in at least three units refuse orders, cover security cameras, and engage in property destruction. In one unit they break windows and damage walls.

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Protest and Uprising at Crossroads Correctional, Missouri

May 12, 2018: After recreation and programming were cut due to staffing shortages, prisoners stage a sit-down strike–sitting peacefully and refusing to follow orders from staff. According to the Missouri DOC, 209 prisoners participated in the protest.

The conflict escalated into a full-blown riot in which prisoners hot-wired fork lifts to break down the doors in one facility and destroyed infrastructure within including the kitchen, cafeteria area, storages areas, staff offices and a Missouri Vocational Enterprises factory.

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Hunger Strike at Potosi Correctional Facility, Missouri

October 13, 2013: A group of 15 prisoners stage a week long hunger strike “to protest too much abuse, neglect, sanitation issues etc.” At the launch, prisoners express their solidarity with the massive California hunger strike earlier in the year.

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