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Hunger Strike at Menard Correctional Center, Illinois

Menard Correctional Center, Chester, Illinois September 23, 2015 A group of prisoners relaunched their initial hunger strike of January, 2014, claiming that the administration had not done anything to address their grievances. On the first day of the strike, about 25 people gathered outside of the prison and held a noise demonstration. The hunger strike […]

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Hunger Strike at Menard Correctional Center, Illinois

January 15-27 , 2014: After the shutdown of Tamms, Illinois supermax facility, long term solitary confinement prisoners are transferred to Menard Correctional, one of the state’s oldest and least maintained facilities. About 15 of these prisoners launch a hunger strike to protest continued solitary isolation in even worse conditions. On January 27, supporters hold a solidarity noise demonstration outside the prison.

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