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Mass Escape from Boyd County Detention Center, Kentucky

December 28, 2017: Four prisoners escaped the detention center in the 10th escape from the facility since July, 2017 . Catlettsburg Police Chief Cameron Logan told WSAZ the prisoners changed their clothes before escaping and “followed the air conditioning duct to the roof and then jumped off.” He also stated that there are no cameras outside of the jail and some of cameras inside the jail were not working properly. The prisoners stole a truck parked a quarter mile from the facility.

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Uprising at Pasquotank Correctional Institution, North Carolina

October 12, 2017: Prisoners set fire to the “specialty sewing plant” of the prison and attempt to escape. Four prison employees are killed and several others injured.

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Four Prisoners Escape Boyd County Detention Center, Kentucky

July 30, 2017: Four prisoners escaped the detention center by exploiting a flaw in the building’s design. The last of the four prisoners was captured a month later.

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Four Escape from Otero County Jail, Colorado

March 4, 2014: Four inmates escaped from Otero County Jail after overpowering guards.

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Mass Escape at Logan Hall, New Jersey

October 29, 2012: When Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern seaboard, power failed at Logan Hall, a halfway house operated by the private corporation Community Education Centers, causing the locking mechanisms on the cells to fail. Dozens of male inmates left their cells and destroyed prison property. 15 prisoners escaped in one of the largest mass escapes in recent New Jersey history.

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