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2016 National Prison Strike: Uprising at Kinross Correctional Facility, Michigan

September 10, 2016: Prisoners at Kinross Correctional Facility organize a work stoppage and sit-down protest that escalates into a mass protest in the prison yard demonstrating the unity of the prisoners. After being promised that their demands will be heard, the prisoners return to their cells, where they are attacked by emergency response team. They respond by forcing the emergency response team out of the unit and destroying property.

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Michigan Food Strike Begins at Kinross Correctional Facility, Michigan

March 20-21, 2016: Prisoners organize a food strike to protest poor food quality by the privatized food contractor Trinity Services Group just eight months after Trinity takes over the role from Aramark Correctional Services. According to a prisoner at Kinross who participated in the events, the protests are also a demonstration of prisoner unity. According to prison administration, at least 1,000 of the prison’s 1,300 prisoners participate.

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